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The Reason...

Meet Doodiebug

     Hello everyone this is our son Doodiebug. This line was created while trying to find a natural remedy to soothe and heal his acute eczema. 

     If you have a young child with eczema then you know the horrors of watching them itch and bleed and there's nothing you can do to provide them relief, so we turned to oral steroids and topical ointments for help.

       After 3 years of steroid use we figured there must be a better way of combating this condition, and therefore my research for natural remedy began. After so many failed attempts at healing myself and him I finally created a product that helped. After using the Oatmeal & Shea Butter bar of soap for about 3 weeks his skin healed, the blisters faded, inflammation and scarring cleared.

     Due to Doodiebug having very dry skin he still needs to be moisturized after bathing , he no longer does he blister and bleed. We use the (Virgin Body Butter) as a moisturizer while for overnight and again when he awakens.  

    My work will continue to evolve and better this product and many others behind it. ***Though eczema varies from person to person what works for him may not work for you, though I hope our product helps you find relief as well.


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