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Choose your pricing plan

  • Silver Membership

    Every month
    Simple selection package. (Save 13%)
    • 2- Soap Bars
    • 1- Soap Saver
    • Free shipping
    • **All selections at random**
  • Gold Membership

    Every month
    Aromatherapy Package. (Save 31%)
    • 3- Soap Bars
    • 1- Bath Soak Jars
    • 2- Soap Saver
    • 1- Tub Thyme Candle
    • Free Shipping
    • **All selections at random**
  • Diamond Membership

    Every month
    Soap, Soaks & Candles Package. (Save 22%)
    • 6- Soap Bars
    • 1- Bath Soaks
    • 2- Tub Thyme Soy Wax Candles
    • 1- Handcrafted crochet bath towel
    • 2- Soap Savers
    • Free Shipping
    • **All selections at random**

All items for your subscription are selected at random. Each monthly order will consist of the same or different items, than the month before. This gives the subscriber a chance to experience each of DBH&H's products without having to make the hard decision of selection.

If the subscriber chooses to make personal item selections, subscriber must specify by email to or by chat box on DBH&H's webpage; of which items they'd prefer. Be mindful that per subscribers email that going forward all reoccurring shipments will be the same as what the subscriber requested.  

Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time.**

*All Free Trials include 2 soap bars and 1 soap saver**Full product shipment will begin with first successful subscription payment.

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